Quick Overview

What is ArabBible?

ArabBible (version 6.23 for Windows or Mac) is a powerful and innovative software tool delivered by direct download (or on DVD-ROM), and is designed to help English speakers interactively learn the Classical Arabic of the New Testament and Old. Some of the wonderful features of ArabBible are...

  • Complete grammatical explanations of every single word in the Arabic New Testament, plus all 39 books of the Old Testament, more than 435,000 words! Just click on a word, and you'll find a wealth of information, containing not only a dictionary entry for that word, but also its contextual meaning and full grammatical help as well (something that even the very best dictionary can never provide)!

  • Our exclusive Back Translation helps the user to readily see the structure of the literal Arabic, and can immediately take the mystery out of a particular verse.

  • Our new and powerful Verb Conjugator now conjugates EVERY VERB appearing in the Bible...
    Forms I thru XI: Strong (or Sound) Verbs, Assimilated Verbs, Hollow Verbs, Defective Verbs, Hamzatized Verbs, Doubled (or Geminate) Verbs, Doubly Weak Verbs, Triply Weak Verbs, Quadriliteral Verbs, Unusual and Unique Verbs.
  • The helpful Word Frequency section will help you to identify and focus on learning those words which appear most frequently in the Scriptures. That will help you understand larger portions of Scripture.

  • There are several significant changes in version 6.23; the first and biggest is the completion of the Old Testament. The language and structure of some books (e.g. Psalms) can be a challenge, even to a seasoned veteran of the Arabic Bible, but ArabBible will help you greatly.

  • Also, you'll notice that rather than having two recitation speeds from which to choose, you now have five: in increments of 10%: from normal reading speed (100%) all the way down to 50%!

    Not only that, but we've cut our disk space requirements by nearly one-half for your computer, which means that besides installing much more quickly, you'll now have greater space available for other applications.

    Finally, the Windows version of ArabBible runs on Windows 11, as well as on Windows 10. Meanwhile, the Mac version of ArabBible runs on Sonoma (macOS 14.5), as well as on older versions: Ventura (macOS 13.3) Monterrey (macOS 12.5), Big Sur (macOS 11.5), Catalina (macOS 10.15), and Mojave (macOS 10.14).
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