Free Upgrade to Version 6.23

No-Charge Upgrade to Registered Users

If you are already a registered owner of any previous version of ArabBible, you are eligible for a free upgrade to our just-released version, 6.23 (for Windows or Mac). 

If you choose to upgrade by download (we'll email you a link); there is no charge. If you choose to have us send you an upgrade DVD, there will be a small $10 fee to cover shipping and handling.

Important note: You may not “cross-upgrade” from one platform to another (e.g. Windows to Mac).  If you want versions for both platforms, you must purchase them separately.

The current version of ArabBible, version 6.23 (for Windows or Mac), contains grammatical coverage for the New Testament and Old, as well as audio coverage for the entire New Testament.

The Windows version of ArabBible runs on Windows 11, as well as on Windows 10. Meanwhile, the Mac version of ArabBible runs on macOS Sonoma (14.5), as well as on older versions: macOS Ventura (13.3), macOS Monterey (12.5), macOS Big Sur (11.4), macOS Catalina (10.15), and macOS Mojave (10.14)

Improvements include...
  • Five different recitation speeds (may now slow readerʼs voice down to 50%). 
  • Smaller size and quicker installation. 
  • Tighter security. 
  • Incorporation of a number of bug fixes. 
To get your free upgrade of ArabBible, simply go to our Contact page and let us know which version of ArabBible you need (Windows or Mac), which delivery method you prefer (direct download or shipped DVD), and some sort of proof-of-purchase (e.g. original order number, or we can check your name in our records).