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ArabBible (version 5.16 for Windows or Mac) is a powerful and innovative software tool. If you would like to see how ArabBible works, why not install a fully functional free demo for yourself? Although this demo is limited to a single chapter (Luke 16), it has complete grammatical and audio support. Try it out on your own computer, then if you are satisfied, buy the full version of ArabBible from our Online Store .

Remember, ArabBible is a powerful software package, and we have designed it for the future. As a result, the demo is fairly large and can only run on computers using either Windows 11 or Windows 10 (note: this demo will not work on computers using macOS, but check back here soon for the Mac Demo version).

To get the ArabBible 5.16 Windows Demo, just download it here...
Download ArabBible DemoDownload and Install the ArabBible 5.16 Windows Demo (95 MB)
Note: ArabBible software has no viruses and is completely safe. It has been digitally signed by 'URF' for your assurance.

Note: if you have a slow Internet connection, you may want to consider requesting an ArabBible Demo DVD-ROM. Simply go to our Contact page, and request the Windows Demo DVD; don't forget to include your name and postal address.