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ArabBible in Your Pocket

ArabBible for iPhone/iPad (version 4.23) has just been released on the iPhone's App Store! Our brand new mobile app is specifically designed for iPhones, but can run just as easily on iPads too. Learn Arabic on the run. You can see it on the web by going to Apple's App Store. But even better, it is available for download right now directly from your iPhone, using your App Store app; there you can both purchase and download it all in one step! Just start up your App Store app and search for ArabBible. When you find it, tap the price button, and then the "Buy Now" button. You'll be up and running in a matter of minutes!

I actually use
ArabBible for iPhone every night just before bedtime to read a chapter in Arabic from God's Word. If I ever forget a certain word, I simply click on it, and ArabBible opens a world of understanding for me that even the best dictionary could never provide. And at the touch of a button, great audio recitation of the Scriptures is available as well, right on your iPhone or iPad!

ArabBible for iPhone/iPad runs on the latest versions of iOS, including the new iOS 16! Here's a preview of how the all-new ArabBible will look on your iPhone...